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Human Foosball
Human Foosball is the life-size version of the popular table game played worldwide. A huge inflatable arena has 9-foot tall netted walls, ensuring continuous play and great spectating. Each player is harnessed to a pole stretching widthwise. Like the toys in the table game, teammates can only move side to side within their specific zones, avoiding physical contact. Teams compete on each side of the 50-by-30-foot field using an official-size Nerf soccer ball to score goals.

Gladiator Joust
The Gladiator Joust is the inflatable version of the famous game on American Gladiators. Two opponents climb to the top of podiums wearing protective head gear. They swing at each other with oversized foam-filled jousting poles trying to knock each other off their respective pedestals. The victorious gladiator is the first to knock his or her opponent down onto a huge air inflated mat. The 26-foot long inflatable mat is 18 feet wide and 3 feet from the ground. Players each receive jousting sticks and a helmet. The best 3 out of 5 is the winner.
The giant Moonball brings to life any outdoor team event. Measuring 6 feet in diameter and weighing 25 pounds, the Moonball can soar through the air with a team of 6 to 15 ready to lift and launch it. Teams aim to shoot for one or more goals, using hands or no hands, depending on the rules. Moonball may be used in traditional volleyball, 4-way Volleyball or countless other creative games.
Bungie Run
Bungie jumping on level ground can be more fun and stress-free than hopping off a bridge. This 35-foot long inflatable game involves two bungie runners in side-by-side lanes. Each wears upper body harnesses connected a bungie cord anchored to the back cushion of the game. The two opponents race down their respective lanes, place a baton as far down the track that they can run before the bungie cord springs them backward. Or they try to capture a prize at the finish line before the bungie cord resistance overcomes them. In any case, speed, coordination and weight are winning strategies. For all abilities.
Wall Jumping
Wall Jumping is as fun and exciting to the spectator as to the participant. Popularized on the David Letterman Show, this version of the game lets everyone be a comedic star. Contestants dressed in special suits propel themselves off a trampoline or inflatable bouncer to attack the wall. The goal is to stick as high as possible to the wall, which measures 14 x 14-feet. Technique, not weight or strength, is critical to success. Contestants may land sideways, upside down, or any which way. It's great fun and loads of laughs. The game comes with 6 suits to ensure continuous fun and no waiting around.

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