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Bike Builders 

Bike Builders is a charitable program for corporate teams to join in small groups to create a set of bikes for kids in need.  Teams have all the tools, bicycle parts, and decorations they need to create a fun bike for a deserving child. Clients may choose the charitable group. Boys and Girls Club of America, YMCA and Native American clubs are favored choices for many firms. Some corporations donated to foster children who are in transition to the real world who need wheels to get to work or school.

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Sound Pipes
The first, second, and third grades are the golden years to help children learn to read. Venture Up has helped organizations of all types introduce thousands of children to the world of reading with its "Read Ears" team building event. Teams build a set of special tubing devices designed to make is possible for learners to hear their voices clearly so the brain can remember it more easily. Children simply hold the tube device like a small phone near the ear while reading. No matter how quietly the child speaks, sound resonates clearly into the ear, reinforcing words, sounds, and syllables. The tubes are donated to local schools in the name of your organization, and may also be sent overseas to your desired non-profit organization.

Paint Fest
Imagine a visual team building event that takes only  2 - 4 hours and the final result lasts a lifetime! Paint Fest requires team members to hand paint a series of pre-drawn canvas panels that ultimately combine to form a colorful wall of art. The final creation is donated for exhibit at a local charity or hospital for the public to enjoy for years to come.

Fundraising & Fitness Events

Venture Up has the creative resources to provide festive, productive fund raising and fitness events, designed to encourage your employees to keep and stay in shape, or involve your staff in an innovative fund raising event. We customize with you a program to suit your desired charity.

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