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Our Traders theme program is a favorite for annual meetings, especially for sales teams. The Ark represents the ultimate goal of the company or department, or may incorporate the meeting theme. In any case, each team sets out on an adventure quest to find a piece of the Ark.

The Ark is actually a simulated rock pallet carved with a message from the company...what it takes to build a winning team...the essence of the Theme Events Illustrationconference theme... Each team's ultimate goal is to find their piece of the Ark at the end of the trail.

Teams encounter obstacles en route that put their collective skills to the test. This customized program is flexible enough to allow a wide range of interactive challenges, such as map and compass work, and light physical challenges, such as swinging on a ship rope to cross a fake snake pit, climbing over walls, and building an inner-tube craft to sail their team across a waterway.

Once teams find their piece of the Ark, they head back to meet other teams on common ground and the program takes on a new focus. The program culminates when all teams join and combine their pieces of the Ark.

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