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Ropes Course Photo Venture Up's nationally-acclaimed Ropes Course is the hallmark of its beginnings. One of our most popular programs since we began in 1983, the Ropes Course is an upbeat and success-oriented program that's fun and suitable for all abilities.

We have a long-standing track record working with a world of diversity -- multinational firms involving staff from the president to the front line, to hundreds of culturally diverse sales staff meeting from around the world, to schools, small businesses and government agencies.

The Ropes Course is a non-competitive program -- all activities are voluntary. The decision to participate empowers people to perform to their potential, freely and without pressure. Strategic Games Photo

Ropes Course PhotoRopes Course Photo
Ropes Course Photo


Two types of activities are involved in the Ropes Course, all requiring trust, effective communication and mutual support for success. High elements rise up to 30 feet above the ground; and low elements, also known as Strategic Games, are at ground level. Some may involve physical activity, while others focus mainly on creative thinking and problem-solving.
Cooporate leaders are drawn to our Ropes Course because of its long-term effectiveness in the workplace. Through the ropes course, the company has paved the way for executives to learn something new about themselves. After the program, all participants can expect to feel a new and profound sense of confidence. In a matter of hours they discover the difference between what they think they can accomplish and what they can actually do -- individually and as team players.

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