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Village Music Photo Throughout the ages, music and rhythmic sounds have been a binding agent of all people. Today, teams catch the rhythm and carry the beat with Music Jam Fest, a fun, innovative team experience that strikes a chord with everyone. Absolutely no musical experience is required to participate. A range of simple instruments transform team players into musical artists with a powerful message.


Teams create and decorate some of their own instruments, while others may be provided, such as rhythm sticks, talking drums, bongos, and timpanis. Drumming, ringing and clanging, teams experiment as Venture Up leaders direct each team in finding its own style. Once the beat is set, teams begin communicating with other teams, blending their beats to create new sounds. The program culminates with the entire group jamming in a festival of sound and fun.

Village Music Photo


Village Making: Teams create and decorate their own 10-feet high village tee pees with symbols meaningful to their tribe. Colorful water-based body paints and a variety of fabrics and costume accessories help team members establish a tribal identity.

Village Music Photo Instruments: Teams may expand their musical horizons and add more instruments, such as Ching Sticks, Stomp Tubes, Mamba Shakers, Jumbo Claves, Gogo Bells, Rain Sticks, Copa Bells, Ice Bells, Timbale, Congo, Hand Chimes, Kettle, Cabasas, Maracas, Cymbals, Marimbas and others.

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