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Venture Up’s MiniCar 500 challenges teams to turn a Paintball Photo4 oz. block of wood into a lean, mean, speed-racing machine. Teams must design, build and decorate miniature cars, powered only by gravity, to race down the 28-foot long track to the finish line.Each team starts with a kit that includes a block of pine wood, plastic wheels, metal nails for axles and other materials. But first, teams must earn the play money to buy the makings for their machines. Venture Up begins a series of fast-paced energizer games to encourage the competitive spirit.

They are paid for their efforts so they can shop in our Auto Shops to buy paints, woodworking tools and decorating materials to build a car that will blow away the competition! Creativity, quick team problem solving and good leadership are the keys to creating a winning car in a limited time. The fun really begins with the Race. Cars compete in heats of four at a time.

An electronic timer records each car’s finish time to the accuracy of a 1000’s of a second. An awards ceremony honoring the three fastest teams caps off this fun and exciting indoor or outdoor teambuilding event.

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