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Cantinaville is a loud & festive event. Teams work closely together to create a colorful beach bar Cantina, the best Margarita (or Smoothie), and the tastiest Salsa north of the border. A favorite program for sales teams or large groups, Cantinaville can be designed around a product launch, meeting theme, or simply just to have a great time.

Paintball PhotoThe program begins as teams enter their framed ‘bare” cantina and find all the makings to create a colorful bar scene. Each cantina can have it all, but given restricted time and materials, the team must combine their best efforts to create quality products and Grand Opening event. In addition to decorating and naming their cantinas, teams build a “Margarita mixing machine”, brand a spicy salsa or Island Pico de Gallo, as well as create live Music and entertainment.

Paintball PhotoThe party heats up when competition begins. The cantinas are complete and cacophony of music and singing fill the air. Now's the chance for the entire team to go bar-hopping to each cantina, booing and hissing as each Cantina team launches what it thinks is the latest and greatest in Cantinaville.

Judging categories are open: “Most Creative Cantina”, “Tastiest Salsa in Town”, “Most Obnoxious Music” or “Best Margarita”.

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