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Bike Builders 

Corporate executives are drawn to bike building and other charitable events. Venture Up saw an upswing in charitable team building beginning with the 2007 economic downturn. Now that the economy in some sectors is on the upswing, team building requests often include an event include corporate giving. The Bike Building program is a popular charity-based program where corporate teams join together to create a set of bikes for kids in need.  Under expert direction, teams have all the tools, bicycle parts, and decorations necessary to create a festive bike for the deserving child.  Clients may choose the charitable group, or they may wish to donate larger bikes to foster teens in transition to the real world who need wheels to get to work or school.

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Sound Pipes
During the first, second, and third grades children are in the golden years of learning to read. Venture Up has helped groups of all types introduce hundreds of children to the world of reading with its "Read Ears" team building event. Teams organize in groups and build a set of special tubing devices designed to make is possible for learners to hear their voices clearly. In this way, the brain can remember the sounds more easily. As they read, children simply hold the tube just as they would a phone, while reading. No matter how quietly the child speaks, the sound resonates clearly into the ear, reinforcing words, sounds, and syllables. The tubes are donated to local schools in the name of your organization, and may also be sent overseas to your desired non-profit group. Venture Up has relationships with DHL and FedEx for the free shipment of qualifiying goods.

Art Rageous Paint Fest
Imagine a visual team building event that takes only  2 - 4 hours and the final result lasts a lifetime! Paint Fest requires team members to hand paint a series of pre-drawn canvas panels that ultimately combine to form a colorful wall of art. The final creation is donated for exhibit at a local charity, such as the Salvation Army or area homeless shelters, or a local hospital for the public to enjoy for years to come.

Fundraising & Fitness Events

Venture Up has the creative resources to provide festive, productive fund raising and fitness events, designed to encourage your employees to keep and stay in shape, or involve your staff in an innovative fund raising event. We customize with you a program to suit your desired charity.


Strategic Games / Leadership Challenge
Motivation... Communication... Recognition... Creativity... Team Spirit!   Fun for all abilities, teams taking on Strategic Games face a series of problem-solving challenges selected from Venture Up's list of endless games. All elements are designed to challenge the intellect and motivate teams to succeed with limited resources and time. By engaging the very factors that make up a successful team, these activities ultimately bring out the best in all team players.

Team Survivor

Inspired by the popular TV show, Team Survivor is a success-oriented festive event where the tribe sticks together!   A tribal council marks the beginning of the program and teams get busy creating their image with body paints, noise-makers, flags, props and a full range of costume accessories -- because style counts!  Once the image is set, teams are ready to advance to the Power Idol challenges; a series of adventurous problem solving games and challenges to put their mental skills to the test and pave the way to creativity and innovation.  The key to winning the greatest number of Idols is ingenuity, risk-taking and relying on fellow team members. 

Create-a-Craft:  Boats or Cars
No direction. No instructors. And no two ways to build the life-size motorless craft that will send your team across the finish line in winning style. Venture Up provides the tools and resources while team players figure out what they need and what they don't to gain that winning edge.

Boot Camp
“Individuals fail. Only teams survive.”

Inspired by the U.S. Navy Seals motto, the Boot Camp program is yet another Venture Up original. Held indoors or outdoors, team members choose their activities to successfully complete the course, competing head to head, or hand to hand. With each team success, the bar is raised, and it gets tougher and tougher to prove which team is the most mentally and physically fit to survive.

It's not how you play the game, it's if you win. Venture Up's Olympics provide the ultimate in friendly competition and fun. Designed to promote team spirit among people of all ages and abilities, our Olympics are suitable for all types of meetings -- from sales conferences to spouse programs and family events. Let the Games begin!

Cantinaville is a loud & festive event where teams  work closely together to create a colorful beach bar Cantina, the best Margarita, and the tastiest Salsa north of the border. A favorite program for sales teams or large groups, Cantinaville can be designed around a product launch, meeting theme, or simply just to have a great time.

The party heats up when competition begins. The cantinas are complete and cacophony of music and singing fill the air. Now's the chance for the entire team to go bar-hopping to each cantina, booing and hissing as each Cantina team launches what it thinks is the latest and greatest in Cantinaville.

Amazing Race & Geocaching
Quality, time management and creativity are the mark of a winning team in Venture Up's original Road Rally. Teams in this adventure navigate their way through the backroads or roadways, by van or by jeep, on road or off the beaten path, using their collective resources to reach their goal.

Each team receives a Polaroid camera and a set of sealed envelopes containing clues to checkpoints they must locate along the trail that leads to their final destination. The camera provides instant photos of the group at each checkpoint to document its success. Teams are also required to collect a number of objects reflecting their experience en route, and which will have particular significance in scoring at the end of the Rally.

Artrageous Meeting Murals
Artrageous Meeting Murals is an ideal way to jump-start meetings.  It’s  a fun ice-breaking event where teams of any artistic level can combine their talents to create a life-size 3D work of art. Teams may focus on the meeting theme, or create a collage of company products -- new products to launch, or those already on the market.  The art may be displayed in the main meeting room or shipped to your home base to carry on the spirit of the conference.

Mission Is Possible
Mission Is Possible is a theatrical event mirroring the famed flick of a similar name. It's a favorite for companies about to embark on a new mission -- merging with another company, setting new sales projections, introducing a new product. The mood is fun and festive, but there's a big job ahead. The group is separated into teams and join together at a central meeting ground when the action begins:  Teams are challenged to run a course of puzzles and problem solving challenges and search for hidden objects to complete the course in record time.

Dramatix is your ticket to a great interactive team building event.  Venture Up's corporate theater is the perfect way to capture your audience and play out a point, concept or conference theme. 
Venture Up provides the props, storyboard and wardrobe reflecting the diverse world of Dramatix.  Super Heroes, Gangsters, Pirates, and '60s Swingers are among the teams of characters under the corporate spotlight. 

Map & Compass
The age-old art of finding direction, plotting a course and watching coordinates has become a popular team building activity for many Venture Up clients. The dramatic natural features of the wilderness will never be viewed the same, once you learn to use them to navigate your way. It's fun, good exercise and requires no prior experience -- and it's a highly-effective team building activity.

Leaders introduce the basic tools -- the map and compass. Then participants learn skills involving how to read a topographic map, how to quickly measure distance, how to find the azimuth, and how to determine the direction of travel.
Then, it's learn as you go, and have fun as you learn for the rest of the program. Each course begins with easy challenges, which get tougher as the course continues. Strategic Games may be incorporated into this event to add to the challenge at each reference point.

Paintball games are fast, fun and competitive. The best place to play is in the wide open spaces with Venture Up. Whether it’s your site or ours, Venture Up provides a fun, competitive team building event.

Traders of the Lost Ark TM
Our Traders theme program is a favorite for annual meetings, especially for sales teams. The Ark represents the ultimate goal of the company or department, or may incorporate the meeting theme. In any case, each team sets out on an adventure quest to find a piece of the Ark.

The Ark is actually a simulated rock pallet carved with a message from the company...what it takes to build a winning team...the essence of the conference theme... Each team's ultimate goal is to find their piece of the Ark at the end of the trail.

Teams encounter obstacles en route that put their collective skills to the test. This customized program is flexible enough to allow a wide range of interactive challenges, such as map and compass work, and light physical challenges, such as swinging on a ship rope to cross a fake snake pit, climbing over walls, and building an inner-tube craft to sail their team across a waterway.

Once teams find their piece of the Ark, they head back to meet other teams on common ground and the program takes on a new focus. The program culminates when all teams join and combine their pieces of the Ark.

Indoor Energizers
Indoor Energizers are fun interactive games designed to rejuvenate executives in meetings and training sessions. Each activity reinforces company objectives while motivating teams to get the most out of their classroom sessions. Activities may last from 1 to 5 hours and are suitable for groups of all sizes. Especially popular with sales meetings and trade shows, Indoor Energizers can transform any exhibition hall, conference room or auditorium into a festive, interactive celebration for introducing new products and jump-starting sales campaigns.

Minicar 500
The Mini Car 500 requires team members to turn a 4 oz. block of wood into a lean, mean racing machine powered only by gravity and designed to race down the 40-foot long track to the finish line. Teams receive multiple kits to design, fabricate and redesign the fastest car possible. Meantime, other team members face a bigger challenge: building a life-size car for the ultimate race, the Grand Finale.
Biz Quiz Game Show
Biz Quiz, Venture Up's original electronic game show, is a fast and fun way to fuel teamwork and friendly competition. Similar in format to the famous Jeopardy game, our host unveils categories while the players, sitting at electronic scoring stations, vie to be champions. Categories and questions are chosen from our in house selection, including 5,000 questions. Or we may customize questions and categories with company information to reinforce meeting objectives.  

Technicolor Transport
Challenge your team's creativity and effectiveness with Technicolor Transport, a fun and colorful game where skillful planning and effective communication are critical to success. The game serves as an excellent metaphor for the processes of product design, decision making, sharing information, communication and training the customer or other product users.


Rock Climbing / Rappelling
Rock Climbing and Rappelling with Venture Up is fun and possible for all abilities. Whether climbing natural rock or ascending one of our custom climbing walls, novice climbers can feel the exhilaration of success within minutes of their first ascent. Our portable Corporate Climbing Towers, some stretching 45 feet high, may be set up almost anywhere, indoors or outdoors. Simulated rock footholds make climbing easier. Singles, partners and teams of three can ascend in safe, controlled conditions.

Ropes Course
Venture Up's nationally-acclaimed Ropes Course is the hallmark of its beginnings. One of our most popular programs since we began in 1983, the Ropes Course is an upbeat and success-oriented program that's fun and suitable for all abilities. We have a long-standing track record working with small and large groups reflecting a world of diversity -- involving everyone from the president to the front line, to hundreds of culturally diverse sales staff stationed throughout the world, to small businesses and government agencies.

Corporate leaders are drawn to our Ropes Course because of its long-term effectiveness in the workplace. After the program, all participants can expect to feel a new and profound sense of confidence. In a matter of hours they discover the difference between what they think they can accomplish and what they can actually do -- individually and as team players.


Human Foosball
Human Foosball is the life-size version of the popular table game played worldwide. A huge inflatable arena has 9-foot tall netted walls, ensuring continuous play and great spectating. Each player is harnessed to a pole stretching widthwise. Like the toys in the table game, teammates can only move side to side within their specific zones, avoiding physical contact. Teams compete on each side of the 50-by-30-foot field using an official-size Nerf soccer ball to score goals.

Gladiator Joust
The Gladiator Joust is the inflatable version of the famous game on American Gladiators. Two opponents climb to the top of podiums wearing protective head gear. They swing at each other with oversized foam-filled jousting poles trying to knock each other off their respective pedestals. The victorious gladiator is the first to knock his or her opponent down onto a huge air inflated mat. The 26-foot long inflatable mat is 18 feet wide and 3 feet from the ground. Players each receive jousting sticks and a helmet. The best 3 out of 5 is the winner.
The giant Moonball brings to life any outdoor team event. Measuring 6 feet in diameter and weighing 25 pounds, the Moonball can soar through the air with a team of 6 to 15 ready to lift and launch it. Teams aim to shoot for one or more goals, using hands or no hands, depending on the rules. Moonball may be used in traditional volleyball, 4-way Volleyball or countless other creative games.
Bungie Run
Bungie jumping on level ground can be more fun and stress-free than hopping off a bridge. This 35-foot long inflatable game involves two bungie runners in side-by-side lanes. Each wears upper body harnesses connected a bungie cord anchored to the back cushion of the game. The two opponents race down their respective lanes, place a baton as far down the track that they can run before the bungie cord springs them backward. Or they try to capture a prize at the finish line before the bungie cord resistance overcomes them. In any case, speed, coordination and weight are winning strategies. For all abilities.
Wall Jumping
Wall Jumping is as fun and exciting to the spectator as to the participant. Popularized on the David Letterman Show, this version of the game lets everyone be a comedic star. Contestants dressed in special suits propel themselves off a trampoline or inflatable bouncer to attack the wall. The goal is to stick as high as possible to the wall, which measures 14 x 14-feet. Technique, not weight or strength, is critical to success. Contestants may land sideways, upside down, or any which way. It's great fun and loads of laughs. The game comes with 6 suits to ensure continuous fun and no waiting around.

Inflatable Obstacles
Inflatable Obstacles are the ultimate in slapstick fun. Contestants dressed in special suits head for the starting line ready to take on enormous vinyl obstacles. The race course travels over walls and ramps, through tubes and around inflated pillars. The object is to negotiate the course efficiently and reach the finish line in the lease amount of time. Up to 100 people an hour may play this fast and fun game. Obstacles can be rearranged for more challenge and diversity.
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