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Out of the office and into the woods ... or to the canyon, riverside, desert or mountainside. Venture Up's Corporate Camp goes just about anywhere. We supply full scale corporate campout facilities so groups of up to 150 people can rough it in style. Facilities may be rented for your own private program, film shoots, or may be offered in combination with any of our overnight adventures.



Corporate Campout



Meeting Facilities:

  • Large-scale meeting tents with lighting, flooring, and quality public address system
  • Audio visual services
  • Mobile telephones & radios
  • Top quality music sound system
Camping Equipment:
  • Cabin-style tents, 120 square feet, 6 feet high at center
  • Canopy tents, 200-300 square feet, 8 feet high at center
  • Sleeping bags, pads & pillows
  • Comfortable sleeping cots
  • Battery-powered lanterns
  • Chest of drawers
  • Wilderness meal and dining facilities

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