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Thomas Christopher, MD David Lengyel, MS Bill Molloy, MEd
Teresa Shaw Lengyel, MA Matt Hudson, MBA, MA Mike Donnelly, MS
David Franks, BFA Eric Siefer, BS Mary Scannell, BS
  Stuart Parks, MS
  David Van Sickle, PhD

Duke University School of Medicine

A thoracic surgeon from Richmond, VA, Tom created the idea for what is now Venture Up's Medical Teambuilding program, to be launched in 2008. The program is the the first medical quality assurance program of its kind in the world. Tom is developing the program with J. David Van Sickle, a former officer at the Center for Disease Control, and Venture Up founders. More information is forthcoming on our new website Languages: Spanish

DAVID LENGYEL, M.S., PhD studies
University of Arizona

Managing Director since co-founding Venture Up in 1983, David has worked on the inside with top level executives designing customized programs for management teams. His clients include American Express, DuPont, Ernst & Young, Ericsson Communications, Michelin, Philips and Union Bank of Switzerland. Also a plant biochemist, he has extensive international business experience in addition to his expertise as a world class mountaineer. In November 1991 he met with industry leaders in Moscow at the All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences to consult on an international crop testing program, similar to one he pioneered in Mexico. At the White House in Moscow he joined the Prime Minister's Innovation Council to discuss a self-contained eco-tourism site near the Altai Mountains, and the development of an outdoor experiential learning center. His mountaineering experience spans over three continents. He was first to descend Mont Blanc, Western Europe's highest peak, on nordic skis in winter, and is credited with many other first nordic ski descents and winter mountaineering ascents in the Alps of Europe, including the Triolet and the north face of Les Droites in Chamonix. He also participated in government-sponsored trips to Romania, and to Chile and Argentina where he climbed Aconcagua and trekked in Patagonia. Other notable ice and rock ascents include Howser Towers in the Bugaboos, Athabasca, Andrometer and Polar Circus in the Canadian Rockies, Ames Ice Hose in Colorado, and the Black Ice Couloir in Wyoming.

Head Shot of Bill MolloyWILLIAM MOLLOY, M.Ed.
University of Maryland

Bill joined Venture Up in 1990 after serving as Senior Vice President, Western Division Manager, for the Forum Corporation, an internationally known management consulting firm. Bill specializes in innovation and team training. His work focuses on assessing company strategies, developing programs for improved performance, and tracking the client's progress through follow-up programs. His consulting experience covers start-up operations in sales and human resources, and he has extensive consulting and management experience at the executive level with Fortune 500 companies. Tangible results, P&L management, sales and administration, decision-making, problem solving and teambuilding skills are hallmarks of his work. At Development Dimensions International, Bill served as national marketing manager for behavior modeling based programs, and last pioneered a customer-focused regional office as vice president of operations. He has worked with Nike, American Express, Standard & Poors, Northrop, 20th Century Fox, IRS, Xerox, Levi Strauss, Amoco, Sheraton Hotels, Charles Schwab, the governments of San Diego, Riverside, and Orange Counties, and Los Angeles Unified School District.

University of Arizona

Co-founder of Venture Up, Teresa handles international marketing for Venture Up. She speaks French, Spanish and Italian, and studied in Europe. She was one of three American writers invited by the Government of China to newly-opened regions in Inner Mongolia in 1990, the first group admitted since the infamous student uprising in Bejing. The Government of Nepal invited her to speak with Sir Edmund Hillary and others at the first Adventure Travel Conference in Kathmandu. Her speech, titled, "Cultivating the Adventure Traveler", was published in India and Nepal and covered by the Associated Press and published worldwide. She was also one of six American representatives invited by the Government of India to attend the International Himalayan Mountaineering & Tourism Meet in Mussoorie, India. She has taught writing and communication at Arizona State University and the University of Arizona and Motorola. Also an accomplished mountaineer and skier, she has technical experience in North America, Asia and Europe, where she and David pioneered winter mountaineering in the Alps near Chamonix.

Northern Arizona University

Mike Donnelly has an extensive background in educational psychology and has worked with Venture Up since 1985 designing and delivering multi-day adventure programs for select populations. Also a lead guide on our annual Volcanoes of Mexico mountaineering expedition, Mike has also directed Venture Up's rock climbing and caving programs and developed numerous multi-day outdoor leadership programs for private schools in Arizona. Representing Venture Up, he has also worked as a technical advisor in Walt Disney films. He has a long history of first rock climbing ascents in Arizona and has notable climbs to his credit throughout the West.

University of Arizona

David has been with Venture Up since 1990 providing experiential learning programs and facilitating ropes courses and rock climbing for corporate groups across the U.S. and Mexico. Also a hand-on artist, he provides creative direction for Venture Up and is responsible for designing and building many of our original props and games, especially on travel programs. He has represented Venture Up all over the U.S., Puerto Rico, Switzerland, France and Mexico. David is also well known as one of the pioneers opening up the Queen Creek rock climbing area. He is credited with many first ascents ranging up to 5.13.

Arizona State University

A dynamic trainer with a broad background in corporate communications, Mary Scannell has been a professional seminar leader since 1991. Mary combines superb facilitation skills, expertise in effective communications, and a keen understanding of the human resource. Before joining Venture Up in 1999, she spent eight years as a Training Consultant with Dun & Bradstreet's Business Education Services. Mary has trained tens of thousands of business people, across the United States and Canada, including a long list of Fortune 500 clientele. An avid hiker and mountain biker, Mary brings an appreciation for adventure and discovery to the experiential programs at Venture Up.

Arizona State University, Prescott College

Matt Hudson began his work with Venture Up in 1993 facilitating corporate training programs involving Ropes Courses, Strategic Games and Rock Climbing. He has represented Venture Up on programs throughout Arizona, Palm Springs, Atlanta, Chicago and Houston. As a member of the adjunct faculty at Prescott College, he taught Wilderness Leadership and Foundations of Adventure Education field courses. He also served as assistant director of the Outdoor Recreation Coalition of America, the national trade organization based in Boulder, Colorado. He has extensive rock and mountaineering experience in the Rockies, Sierras, Alps, Andes and Himalayas. Among his notable climbs: the Nose on El Capitan; Snake Dike on Half Dome; Naya Kanga in Nepal; and Mont Blanc du Tacul in Chamonix, France. He also taught English in Japan and worked for the Moscow Circus in Russia.

New Mexico State University

An electrical engineer, Stuart worked for six years as a project leader in the corporate work force. His work involved a wide range of responsibilities -- from the initial design to constructing the final product to customer service training. At Honeywell, he worked in research and development as a design engineer on LCD display systems. At III-IV Systems, he was the senior design engineer in the same area. In Alaska, he worked for Total Engineering Systems Technology (TEST) where he was the senior staff engineer and designed an emergency shutdown computer control system, in addition to scheduling and supervising installation and the construction crew. At Venture Up he works as a program leader on and as a consultant for the physical design of custom ropes course programs and new construction. In the outdoors, he has extensive mountaineering experience in Alaska, Washington, Mexico, Nepal and France. He also teaches rock climbing programs for professional development with Venture Up.

Northern Arizona State University

Eric is a magna cum laude graduate in marketing management and has climbed extensively throughout the West, Mexico, Canada and South America. He has numerous first ascents on the record in Arizona, including Lost in Space in Sycamore Canyon (5'11+). He has also climbed the Nose on El Capitan. Eric took his first adventure with Venture Up at age 14, in 1984. Also an expert kayaker, he works as a whitewater videographer. He has worked with Venture Up since 1994 involving Ropes Courses, Strategic Games and Rock Climbing. He has represented Venture Up as a technical advisor for rock climbing and kayaking for various photography shoots for national magazines.

University of Arizona

David, along with Thomas Christopher, M.D., is involved in the development of Venture Up's Medical Teambuilding program to be launched in 2008. His experience spans a wide range. The World Health Organization and Rockefeller Foundation gave David a grant to study asthma in native populations in southern India. Following the 3-year project, he landed served at the Center for Disease Control for several years. He began his work at the University of California at Santa Barbara, where he studied cultural anthropology and environmental studies. He has done field studies in remote jungles of Mexico and was involved with the Glacier/Bob Marshal Ecosystem Project, a Wildlands Study program through San Francisco State University. He also worked in the Tropical Cloud Forest Ecology program in Costa Rica, a Northeastern University program. David speaks fluent Spanish, is a proficient rock climber and expert telemark skier.

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