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Celebrating 30 Years !

Thanks to our clients we are # 1 in team building


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Celebrating 30 years in business, Venture Up founders wish to thank our clients -- the 250,000+ who paved our path. In 1983 we went from being America's first company devoted to team building, to the #1 provider of team building activities -- with the greatest in house selection of team building activities available.

Venture Up staff return calls immediately and deliver proposals within 24 hours.  We work on short notice, or plan months ahead.  You can expect us to handle the details and stay in touch, so you have peace of mind and the freedom to tend to other matters of your team building event.  Our aim is to exceed your expectations, and history shows we can. 

About 80 percent of our team building business involves corporate clients, who prove that word of mouth is the greatest advertising.  We also work with many government and non-profit groups; school districts, charities, and federal agencies, such as the FBI, U.S. Secret Service, and U.S. Special Forces.  Many of our team building clients are also winners of the J. D. Power & Associates Award -- and J. D. Power & Associates itself is on our client list. Venture Up also has a long-standing track record working with Fortune 500 firms, and with people of all sizes, physical abilities and cultural backgrounds. 

Repeat clients make up the bulk of our team building business, so we are constantly driven toward innovation. We're always developing new methods and programs to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients, who view team building as we do -- not a luxury but essential in moving teams forward with shared conviction and purpose.

Venture Up is a one-stop shop and can save you money by eliminating the ‘middleman’ in your team building program.  We design and build our own props and courses, and maintain a warehouse of team building equipment. Venture Up founders own the Ropes Course site in Arizona's Superstition Mountains. Set amongst thousands of acres of government land, there is no site fee. This site is used for many of our team building programs, events cookouts, camp outs and events.

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VENTUREUP: America's Team Builders Since 1983

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What clients say...

"We were delighted with the professionalism and flawlessness with which Venture Up carried out its responsibilities. As a group of consultants always looking for problems to solve, we tend not to be easily satisfied. Suffice it to say that numerous people thought the retreat was the best ever."

Marty Pollock, Director of Professional Development

"Our Venture Up experience was a total success. Once again, you have added tremendous value to our team building efforts here at GTE. Each person has grown individually and believes that our team has become much stronger as a result of this shared experience."

Jeri L. Cowan, Assistant Vice President, Systems Provisions

"Venture Up made some pretty heavy duty promises to me before we went through the program as to how effective it would be, and you exceeded those promises beyond my biggest expectations. Venture Up helped teach us a more intense level of communication, teamwork, listening skills, problem solving as a team and goal setting. It also taught us that we can go beyond our comfort zone and accomplish great things together."

Meagan K. Burrows, Vice President Sales

"... I want to thank you for all the time and effort you put into our team-building program. Both personally and professionally, I found it to be one of the most rewarding programs in my experience, and the team members are still excitedly talking about the exercises and how the lessons learned can be applied in our company."

Sheena Tejeda, Vice President Operations

"Eight hours with Venture Up will pull you together more than 1,000 hours around a table."

Bruce Williams, Human Resources Manager

"Thanks again for such a wonderful team building experience! Both our instructors were incredible. Our team has taken part in various team building organizations and activities but Venture Up's program was by far the best we have participated in."

Laura L. Ollis, ASAP Marketing Coordinator

"Thank you for the wonderful corporate team building event. The Hypercom sales people had nothing but positive feedback from their experiences."

Carrie Everett, POS Marketing

"Thank you for all your efforts in making the recent National Leadership Conference/Dealer/Press Meeting a success. The evaluation summary indicates this meeting was the best we've ever had."

Bill Clark, Meeting Planner

"This event was an overwhelming success, and you deserve much of the credit. Venture Up provided excellent service and we all appreciated your availability and guidance throughout the planning process. Programs like this take an incredible amount of coordination, and your attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile made the program a success. You made this event so fun and painless to plan."

Lisa Shimizu, Corporate Meeting Planner

"My instincts told me it would be good. It wasn't. It was spectacular! I have never been so pleased and proud after any of my meetings."

Mike Pedreira, Corporate Meeting Planner

"I cannot thank you enough for the impact you have had on our Russian employees. Your course really opened up their minds and hearts. You have made my job of training them so much easier."

Sue Creek, Operations Director

"Now that the dust has settled following our sales meeting in Redondo Beach, I wanted to take a minute and offer heartfelt thanks for the excellent program Venture Up provided for Cinram. This was the first time our organization had pulled folks together from Canada, the U.S. and Mexico for an "Americas" meeting and, with your help, I believe the meeting exceeded expectations."

Jill W. Croft, National Sales Manager

"Thank you for the outstanding team building session. As our other venture had cancelled at the last minute, and you stepped in on such short notice, all of us felt that Venture Up played an important role in making our Strategic Planning Meeting a great success."

Wade H. Baker, CEO

"Thank you for your hard work with two wonderful team building events. The group definitely grew much closer. Your ability to make frequent trips to our LA office to meet with senior management allowed us to bring this program to fruition. Your staff is truly great to work with."

Kristen Buttery, Recruiting Coordinator, Investment Banking

"Venture Up put together a fantastic program for our team. I was especially impressed with your pre-event needs analysis. You hit all the points we discussed. Team building, risk-taking, motivation, communication and trust building. And to pulled it all together for us in less than 10 days."

Michael D. LiBassi, Manager Strategic Marketing

"Thank you once again for putting together another terrific program for us this year. We all came away with some new ideas on how to work together better. The feedback unanimously has been positive. Venture Up once again exceeded our expectations and delivered a successful program."

Gary Friedman, Executive Vice President

"Thank you for again putting on such a wonderful and fun program for us at the Ritz Carlton in Chicago. Given both the space and time constraints you had to work with, the program was absolutely flawless. Human Foosball was definitely a big hit this year. It is evident to all of us that you truly enjoy what you do while instilling in the participants a level of team cooperation and drive that most business sessions cannot accomplish."

Kris Laverty, Administrator

"We have achieved dramatic improvement and outstanding success due in large part to services provided by Venture Up. Your ability to understand our challenges and provide value-added consulting services has been a critical factor in our success...I consider Venture Up to be part of our team and look forward to continuing our relationship in the future."

Kenneth J. Laszczych, Senior Manager

"The corporate beach games hit the mark. You took the demographics of the group and formulated appropriate games for all of us to enjoy. Your enthusiasm and eagerness in planning the event was the first step to a continued business relationship with us."

Tammala L. Spencer, Regional Sales Manager

"Our adventure day in the Superstition Mountains was a smashing success! Perhaps most impressive was the manner in which basic business concepts were communicated to the participants. The lessons about the need for thoughtful planning, for clear concise communication, for thinking across functional lines, for creative risk-taking and for trusting your fellow team members were delivered in a manner which will stay with our people long after the event."

Henry G. Ciocca, Chief Executive Officer

"I wish there were words to fully describe how our lives have changed both personally and professionally as a result of our excellent adventure with Venture Up. We have a connection now, a bond that cannot be broken which gives us all an extra sense of support and incentive to expect great things of ourselves."

Penny L. Newlun, Rental Manager

"Venture Up did an excellent job of making the Anderson Clayton Corp. Managers Meeting the most energizing and valuable meeting we've ever had."

Heather Walker, Vice President of Marketing

"Professionally, I feel the biggest gain was the bonding that occurred between myself and my teammates...a bond of not only friends on a professional level, but trust and respect for each other."

Barbara Arms, Instructor Passenger Service

"Venture Up was upbeat, very well organized, and kept everything right on track...that is important to me as an Event Specialist. I received many kudos for the event."

Yolanda Kinion, Events/Logistics Specialist

"Venture Up field personnel are extremely effective in their roles as facilitators. In addition, they are very accommodating to make sure that your experience is as satisfying as possible in all aspects."

David Giffin, Vice President of Human Resources

"Our meeting was so open and honest after the experience. Our people were really pumped up and excited. Since then, managers have told me it changed their lives."

Kathy Sederhom, Regional Vice President

"Thank you and your team for a Great job at the recent MicroAge Solutions trade show. The climbing tower was a big hit with everyone I have spoken with. I truly appreciate all the work you put into logos, set-up, dealing with the union, etc. Thanks again for your help."

Cecily Peterson, Event Coordinator

"What a great experience. Our day with Venture Up was memorable. Thank you for your leadership and for working with us to ensure that we had an exhilarating time, while maintaining focus on our objectives."

Kate Bickmore, Supervisor

"I have been absolutely astounded by the lasting impact Venture Up has had on our family at Buca di Beppo. We completed the course almost two months ago and our partners and executive officers continue to rave about the experience."

Daniel Durenburger, Divisional Vice President

"A note of thanks for the very helpful training afforded our staff by Venture Up. The training they provided at the Merchant Marine Academy was very well received. The various exercises and interactions proved most beneficial to the participants. Our staff members are sometimes very difficult to engage, due to the stressful nature of our jobs. Venture Up, however, was able to get them involved and engaged in short order."

Cheryl L. Holmes, Deputy Chief Officer

"The program evaluations for the Union Bank of Switzerland program were extremely positive and the outdoor activities were considered to be a major reason for the success of the entire program. We appreciate the significant part Venture Up played in making the program such an overwhelming success."

Bill Wetzel, CEO